I design and facilitate workshops, either online or face-to-face. It can be for groups of employees, teams or communities.


The content is tailored towards the needs of the group. It is always very interactive with the aim for participants to come out of it with insights and tools to apply straight away.


The frame for all workshops is a safe space where everyone can share and benefit from others' perspective with the view that absolutely every participant has something to offer and teach. It is empowering!


"It was the best personal development seminar

I have been to for a while."

"I LOVED the presentation. Frédérique has a

wonderfully relaxed style which is very inclusive."

"After this workshop, I'm excited and feel energised."

"It exceeded my expectations due to the practical

application elements." 

Examples of topics covered:

  • Energy management 

  • Team vision & Team mission

  • How to build resilience

  • What is Self-care and why is it important?

  • Navigating through Uncertainty

  • How to preserve your Energy as a Woman

  • The Benefits of raising our Self-Awareness



I have also partnered with an international ex-dancer  to create some workshops around the topics of mind-body connections and embodiment.


Based on neuroscientific research and the principles of ecstatic dance and breathwork, we provide a safe space for individuals or teams to have fun, let go and connect to their intuition, creativity and memory through dancing.

You can find more details on www.lecstatic.com

“I loved it!! I could have never imagined this experience would have such an impact on me. I discovered that there are so many benefits to being more in my body rather than being in my head constantly” 

“I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone looking to improve their self-confidence while trying something different”

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