What about discovering your own power to live a better life?

Design your career and your life with meaning! 


I'm Frédérique and I am a professional coach based in London working with individuals and groups across the world. 

My purpose is to raise others' consciousness about their own power to live a better life. And my mission is to help people realise their life's purpose.

I coach people on their careers to connect them with their passions, life purpose and values, linking it to the business reality. It's about searching a career with meaning.

I also coach Executives to help them exploit their full potential and make an impact with their authentic leadership.

I am qualified with the Professional Coaching Skills Certificate approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Coaching is a powerful tool to:

  • Take control of your career and be aligned with what you want,

  • Realise your life purpose,

  • Help you make decisions,

  • Up-level your performance,

  • Increase leadership by strengthening your strengths,

  • Unlock any type of conflictual situation,

  • With concrete solutions.

If you want to have a better idea of my style and the kind of work I do, you can have a look at the following interviews where I was invited as a guest speaker:

- "Feminine Energy" on 15 Mins of Femme podcast, on Apple podcast, Deezer or Spotify

- "Accessing your State of Flow" on an IG live with Natacha Cottu

"You were not born to just pay the bills and die, you were born to live and thrive."